Spain 1936, Libya 2011

by toni solo and Jorge Capelán, September 16th 2011

Simone Weil wrote that what shocked people in Europe about the barbarity of the democratically elected government in Nazi Germany was the application in Europe of colonial methods of repression and mass murder. People outside Europe and North America can see nothing has changed. Mass murder comes as naturally to the current politicians fronting for NATO's Cosa Nostra - Ashton, Cameron, Clinton, Obama, Sarkozy and the rest - as it ever did to Goering and Himmler.

The banal evil of these individuals serves a monstrous political and economic system able to find trillions of dollars to rescue its bankers while, for the sake a few tens of billions, the impoverished global majority starves. This pathological psychology has already been analysed by writers from Hannah Arendt to Edward Said. A strong component of that evil is the colonial mentality embodied in the NATO gangsters' rejection of all proposals for a negotiated settlement to the Libyan conflict.

African Union leaders, their peace proposals trashed, have been left in no doubt that their place is to hang up NATO country leaders' coats, wash their dishes and clean their rest rooms. On the ground in Libya, that deep colonial contempt is expressed by NATO's complicity in racist pogroms and lynchings. Complacency in the face of such horrors are a vital qualification for political leadership in Europe and North America. The ignominy of Barack Obama and Susan Rice could hardly be more complete.

The full extent of European and North American war crimes in Libya may never be known. Western corporate mass media and alternative media have worked hard to conceal them. But even NATO's sub-contract renegades talk about 60,000 dead. NATO's relentless indiscriminate bombardment has been killing civilians in Libya for over 6 months now. NATO's ground invasion of Tripoli involved helicopter gunship massacres. The use of cluster bombs and chemical warfare has been reported in Sirte and Bani Walid.

UN Resolution 1973 was only ever passed by the UN Murder Inc. Security Council as a pretext to be systematically violated. It was the faintest of alibis for activities already well in hand in support of  NATO's terrorist Benghazi sub-contractors. Logistical support, communications, training and weapons support were all well advanced in February this year, weeks before UN Resolution 1973. The attack on Libya had already been rehearsed in NATO's Southern Mistral military exercise of November 2010.

Penal Western sanctions against Libya through the 1990s get written out of coverage of the Libya conflict. This happened because that context explains the logic of Libya's internal politics over the last decade. Muammar al-Ghaddafi and his sympathisers came to resist increasingly assertive moves by corrupt pro-Western government officials to deepen foreign corporate friendly policies inimical to the interests of the Libyan people.

NATO governments were bullying, blackmailing and suborning individuals like Moussa Koussa, Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, Mahmoud Jibril and Abdel Fattah Younes to betray the Libyan people and destroy the Libyan Jamahiriya system. These very functionaries played a leading role in the human rights abuses so loudly denounced by supporters of the Libyan contract coup-insurrection. NATO governments bought off those sinister and corrupt officials and teamed them up with reactionaries allied to notorious Arab despots and with NATO's al-Qaeda terrorist sub-contractors.

The stubborn reality is that a clear majority of people in Libya have supported Muammar al-Ghaddafi, his Libyan government colleagues and the resistance they are organizing. That support derives from the Libyan Jamahiriya's unquestionable legitimacy based on its participatory political system and its economic development over the previous 40 years, unparalleled in Africa. This undeniable reality has spectacularly destroyed the credibility of Western political and media leaders across the political spectrum.

Libya is the latest in a NATO country spree of serial interventions. Military aggression has been the modus operandi in Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Gaza, Ivory Coast and Libya. In Latin America and the Caribbean NATO has preferred to use coups. They failed in Venezuela in 2002, in Bolivia in 2008 and in Ecuador in 2010. They succeeded in Haiti in 2004 and in Honduras in 2009. Both Haiti and Honduras are under effective military occupation by regimes whose questionable legitimacy has been imposed by NATO country governments.

NATO is aggressively installing military facilities in Eastern Europe. Its most powerful member carries out aggressive naval operations in the South China Sea. Around the globe NATO member countries threaten peace and stability either through a direct military presence or through extremely aggressive diplomatic and economic means. In flagrant violation of the UN Charter, NATO country war criminal leaders Nicolas Sarkozy and Hillary Clinton threaten Iran.

The elite dominated countries of North America, Europe and their Pacific allies are in profound crisis internally and even more so relative to their competitors. Domestically, they repress protests against declining living standards. Overseas, bereft of authority and credibility, they use their destructive military power to slow their relative decline. Libya is like Spain in the 1930s. It marks the point of no return in what is already a worldwide military conflict between the global elites and the impoverished majority.